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/poke moveset

Shows a list of all moves that your currently selected Pokémon can learn.

Usage: /poke moveset


  • /poke moveset

If the selected Pokémon is an Egg or cannot learn any moves, you'll be notified accordingly.

/poke learn_all

Teaches your selected Pokémon four moves at once.

Usage: /poke learn_all <first> <second> <third> <fourth>

  • <first>: First move you want the Pokémon to learn.

  • <second>: Second move you want the Pokémon to learn.

  • <third>: Third move you want the Pokémon to learn.

  • <fourth>: Fourth move you want the Pokémon to learn.


  • /poke learn_all tackle growl tail whip quick attack

  • /poke learn_all ember leer smokescreen flame wheel

Note: The moves must be learnable by the selected Pokémon. If the move is not learnable, you will be prompted to try again.

/poke learn

Teaches your selected Pokémon a new move in a specified slot.

Usage: /poke learn <slot> <move>

  • <slot>: The move slot number (1, 2, 3, or 4) where you want the new move to be learned.

  • <move>: The move you want the Pokémon to learn.


  • /poke learn one tackle

  • /poke learn two thunderbolt

Note: If the Pokémon cannot learn the specified move, you'll receive an error message.

/poke moves

Displays the moves your currently selected Pokémon has learned.

Usage: /poke moves


  • /poke moves

This command will show an embed with the current moves in slots 1 to 4.

/poke addevs

Adds effort value points (EVs) to one of the stats of your selected Pokémon.

Usage: /poke addevs <amount> <stat>

  • <amount>: The number of EV points to allocate. Cannot exceed 252 for a single stat.

  • <stat>: The stat to which you want to add EV points. Valid stats are attack, hp, defense, special attack, special defense, and speed.


  • /poke addevs 252 speed - Adds 252 EV points to Speed.

  • /poke addevs 64 attack - Adds 64 EV points to Attack.

Note: You must have enough EV points available to add to the Pokémon. If you try to add more than the maximum allowed EVs to a stat or the total EVs exceed 510, you will receive an error message.

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