What are Radiant pokemon?

They are a special variant much like Shiny, that are very rare-and beyond that can only be obtained during a very limited window of time-after which they cannot be obtained again in any way.

  1. The number of Pokémon released each month can vary, and each Pokémon will be obtained at the lowest possible evolution, and can be evolved into each of its stages just as any other pokemon.

  2. The release order will be posted here to show what radiants have been released and when.

  3. Breeding radiant pokemon will not ever produce another radiant, however they can be bred as normal.

  4. We will hold special giveaways in the Official server where the selected winner will be able to choose a Pokémon which has not been released as radiant yet for the following month occasionally.

How do users obtain these special Pokémon?

Radiant Pokémon do not spawn normally at all, nor do they appear from breeding ect. The first way to obtain these variants is through the different quality chests available using the following command to purchase a chest with either credits or redeems:

syntax: /buy chest [type] [currency type] example: /buy chest legend redeems

The second way is from Common Chest's that can drop from normal Pokémon spawns when caught.

What is meant by "Limited window of time"?

  • Every month, on the first of the month we will release new Radiant Pokémon.

  • These Pokémon will be available to obtain in the methods stated above until the 1st of the following month when the next bunch are released, After the month of their release, they will Never be obtainable again other than from the open market.

How-To Buy chests:

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