Terms of Service

★ BOTWIDE DittoBOT Rules ★

Breaking any of the following may result in a bot-ban and/or a wipe of all your DittoBOT data, including your Pokémon and Credits.

1. No self-botting or using macros

  • We are aware that there are programs that spam automatically, or autocatch Pokémon. Using these will result in you being Bot-banned which essentially means you cannot use the bot at all.

2. Scams/Illegitimate Trading

  • Scamming others in the Official server is prohibited.

  • There is a dedicated team to tracking down scammers and alternate accounts, reports will go directly to them. We do have logs of any and all bot usage not just in this server so keep that in mind before you try to run away with someone's Pokémon or Credits.

3. Exploiting Bugs

  • Do not abuse a bug if you find one. Report it immediately to a staff member, before it gets out of control and results in a bot downtime.

4. Using alternate accounts

  • Using alt accounts to get an advantage over other players is not allowed. This includes giving yourself credits/Pokémon from another account or voting on two accounts to get twice the rewards.

  • For real currency, or Discord Nitro subscriptions, or other bots and their currency's etc. (if you get scammed by someone involving currency/items outside of DittoBOT we will NOT handle it)

These rules are not to be interpreted how you like. There are no loopholes. Anyone claiming to not be breaking the rules due to it "not being in the rules" will receive an appropriate consequence. If you have issues with anyone or anything regarding the bot, please report the issue. We cannot help anyone if we are not aware of an issue.

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