⚙️Server Configuration

Guide to setting up your server with DittoBOT (Server Owners/Admins)

Pokémon Spawns:

By default, all channels are set to DISABLED. This means that when DittoBOT is invited to your server, it will not spawn Pokémon or send any spam messages anywhere. To ENABLE these features, you must specify a spawn channel with the command detailed below.

Server Commands:

Server/Guild Configuration
  • /settings server auto_delete - Toggle ON/OFF auto-deletion of the spawn image when a Pokémon is caught. (default OFF)

  • /settings server auto_pin - Toggle ON/OFF automatic pinning of rare spawns. (default OFF)

  • /settings server silenceserver - Toggle level up messages ON/OFF for the entire guild. (manage_messages)

Spawn Configuration
  1. /settings spawns enable - Enable spawns in a channel

  2. /settings spawns enable_all - Enable spawns in all channels (over-rides disabled channels)

  3. /settings spawns disable - Disable spawns for a channel

  4. /settings spawns disable_all - Disable spawns in all channels (over-rides enabled channels)

  5. /settings spawns small - Toggle ON/OFF small spawn messages (default OFF)

  6. /settings spawns reset - Reset all spawn channels and redirects, to default settings

  7. /settings spawns config - Show current server channel configuration

Spawn Redirect Configuration

/settings redirect add -Set a channel as a spawn redirection

/settings redirect remove - Remove a channel as a spawn redirection

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